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Vehicle Loans

Cash Busters offers a fast and easy way to get cash for your car, bike, boat or whatever type of vehicle.

Great for people who need a temporary solution to get cash fast.

We will lend up to 50% of the value of the vehicle depending of the make, the model and condition of the vehicle.

Our terms are for 30 days but you can pick up the vehicle at anytime during that period as long as the loan is paid in full, including principal, interest and any other charges*.

We are quite approachable so if you find you have trouble paying the loan we may be able to help extend the loan period for another 30 days if required. Its simply a matter of paying the monthly interest charge on or before the due date.

What we require to get you the cash...

Three (3) forms of ID including photo ID. More on ID requirements here.

Registration certificate which must be current and must be in the person’s name that is negotiating the loan.

The vehicle must be unencumbered which means it must not have any finance owing on it (i.e. unpaid bank loans etc).

* We charge $2 a day storage fee.
* Pick up anytime with 24 hour notice required prior to picking up your vehicle.

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