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Cash Busters Sales
Cash for your unwanted goods

Cash Busters offer great prices for your unwanted items of value.

  • Have you upgraded to the latest and greatest and want to turn your old item into cash?
  • Moved in together and you now have two of everything.
  • Shed overflowing and you just dont have all day to sit around at a garage sale?
  • Downsizing to a smaller home.
  • Complete business closures.
  • Whole house lots.
  • Or just time for a clean up!

Whatever the reason, Cash Busters can help.

If you have any unwanted items just bring them to our store and we will give you the best possible price. Its hassle free and you walk away with cash in hand.

Its a great way to boost your cashflow too.

Here is a quick guide to how...

At Cash Busters we consider the following...

The age of the product (old style or modern), has it been used much.

The condition of the item, i.e. is it scratched, dirty or is it damaged.

Is the item in good working order.

Is it in original condition with relevant paperwork, i.e. manuals, original packaging, valuations or warranty.

Its easy; all you need is a 100 point id check.

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We resurface cds and dvds at a low fee instore.
Contact Us for pricing.

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