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I have a poor credit rating, will this matter?

No, this will not because we have security over your vehicle.

What ID do I require?

Three forms of id, photo id drivers license, passport, bank card, medicare see our 100 point check list. Click here for more on the 100 point ID requirements.

How do I get paid?

You will always get paid in cash.

How long does it take?

About 20 minutes.

Do I need receipts of ownership papers?

Yes but if you don’t have them we have the facilities to check with the department of Motor Vehicles.

How do I pay for my vehicle?

You can pay anytime during the loan contract (30 days).
We do require you give us 24 hours notice of your intention to pick up vehicles as they are kept in our secure storage.
Full payment can be made at time of collection.
$50.00 restocking fee will apply to vehicles booked for collection and not picked up.

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